Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whirl Winded

What an absolute whirl wind the past 8 months or so have been.  It's been wonderful.  Full of surprises, immense joy, and a lot of learning.

Yesterday, I returned from a week of New England traveling.  I spent five days in the lovely town of Northampton, MA, at the Dr. Haushcka training center.  All of my focus on learning techniques, paying painstakingly detailed attention to product knowledge and touch.  It was a very intense four days.  Starting at 8:45 in the morning and ending around 6pm.  Then there was homework and just basic refreshing what I had learned that day.  Review. review, review.  While it was super intense, it was also very inspiring.  I am so very lucky to have had such two amazing instructors, who were able to answer every question I had, and whose hands on experience with the products lent such an amazing quality to their teaching skills.

I'm sitting here now, still looking over course materials and looking at the list of suggested reading that I downloaded last night onto my Kindle, along with the pile of books I ordered from Amazon.

I am grateful to be employed by two amazing women who saw something special in me and decided to send me on this adventure.  With this education I will be able to provide a gift to my clients, that is unlike any other.

My enthusiasm overwhelms me.  My gratefulness is unparallelled.  I can't wait to go back.

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