Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It's Been a Long Time Coming.

I can't believe it's been nearly two years since I've touched this blog.  It seems like only yesterday I was going through what seemed to be my adolescence and some severe growing pains as an esthetician.

But I'm back, baby!

I am thriving in my private practise.  Clients are happy with the new line I've brought on and I'm still adding more modalities to my massage technique to make sure every person gets exactly what they need in regards to Manual Lymph Drainage, Lymph Stimulation, Facial Muscle Relaxation Techniques and much more.  I am working with the Laurel Whole Plant Organics line, which fully aligns with my philosophies as a holistic esthetician.  It is an amazing and powerful line, lovingly handmade and with local (to California) ingredients.

This past weekend I participated in my first ever scooter rally as a full participant.  It was a ton of fun.  I got to see old friends, make lots of new ones.  The one thing I didn't expect to happen, was to learn something.  On Saturdays (during rallies) you have the option of going on one of two group rides, the short (49CC) or the long (anything that requires a motorcycle license).  Being that I ride a Honda Ruckus, I went on the short ride, which in Saturday's heat felt like the longest ride in the world.  With an actual temperature of 99 degrees, and most of us novice riders wearing protective gear, and I learned a lot...

1.  You're sweating, which is your body's cooling mechanism, As you sweat, and sweat more, your body starts to dehydrate. Once your body reaches maximum core temperature from being over heated, even though you're sweating, it's not helping.  It takes a long time for your body to re acclimate at that point.  A good initial test is to pinch some of the skin on the back of your hand and see how long it takes to bounce back.  The longer it takes, The more dehydrated you are.  Also, do a urine check, if you can.  Remember the colour of your urine reflects how hydrated you are, if you are anywhere past a golden yellow towards the brown side, you need to hydrate.  Fruits are your friends, they help to keep your electrolytes balanced and give you a little pep with some sugar.

2.  Wear a heavier, more protective moisturizer under your sunscreen.  You are in the elements, traffic, dust, wind, All of these things are dying to get into your pores.  A heavier, more barrier balm is a better choice in riding.  Would you go out into the cold air, without a protective coating?  Don't just put this on your face.  It was too hot for me to wear riding gloves, I greased my hands up and kept applying as the ride went on.

3.  Sunscreen.  You all know I'm a big fan of your 15-20 minutes a day.  However, in the heat and mid day sun, I was adamant that at every pit stop, I slathered it on, myself, whoever was closest.  There is no reason for a burn.  I think we all ended up burn free.

Last but not least...

4.  Don't forget about it after your ride.  After you've peeled off your jeans, boots, and armour, take a shower, get good a clean and then moisturize your face, your body and let your body readjust to cooler temps slowly, cool showers and room temperature drinking water.  A nice, nourishing mask never hurt either, and while your at it, put some on the back on your hands too.

Be gentle.  That body has just worked for you, albeit on the back of a motorcycle or scooter, but it has indeed worked.  Show it some love!

This is my ride, Frank, He comes complete with pink glitter helmet and a parasol, just in case.  Happy riding!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cha- cha- Changes!

After a lot of thought and an opportunity that was rather fortuitous, I am leaving the spa and headed out on my own into private practice.  It's scary, but exciting.  As I get closer to opening day the butterflies are beginning to hatch and really fill my guts with flutters.

This practice is exactly where I've wanted to be since school.  I fought for my beliefs in school, and they were tossed aside and there was lots of eye rolling by both my classmates and my teacher.  

Holistic Aesthetics has been my passion from day one.  Getting back to raw materials and to treating the entire body has been what has kept me thriving.  So when on a whim I emailed another holistic aestheitician , and we met for coffee and hit it off I knew it was going to be a good connection, and it was.  In a flash, Shelley and I were making plans, and discussing scheduling and there it was, I was going to be working out of Renew Botanicals.  

So life has been a giant whirl wind of licensing, building the business, working on protocols, and just getting everything in order.  

So, if you need to see me....

Friday, September 19, 2014

So hot!

It's been an odd year, weather wise.  Our winters have been extra cold and wet and our summer, has been moderate and an absolute delight.  Sure we've had our hot days here and there, no Baltimore summer would be complete without them; but it hasn't been the normal Baltimore summer when you leave your air conditioned bliss and it feels like you're walking into someones mouth.

In theory one would think that skin issues would be at a minimum, but I have noticed so much more inflammation and cystic acne this year than I have in years past.  It's been kind of an anomaly.  Clients who have normally had beautiful skin, have been complaining of constant irritation and redness like they've never had before.  It's been very perplexing. Also, our seasonal allergies have been much worse this time, and I think that has a lot to do with the red, angry, inflamed and itchy skin that's been plaguing everyone this year.

Of course, the first thing everyone does is reach for the drying agents to get rid of those painful cystic spots.  Not always the greatest idea if you;re skin is already irritated.

I know I reiterate it a lot in my posts, about treating the skin gently, not over drying and trying to heal your body from the inside to the outside and from the outside in.

So drink tea, take warm baths, nurture your largest organ, so it can take care of you in the coming months of cold and snow and rain.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your day be filled with wonderful times with loving family and friends.  May it be filled with gratitude for life experiences, good or bad.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog Reader Sarah Writes in to Ask...

"I was wondering if you had any tips about lips! I am a chapstick
addict (Burt's Bees) and I drink water all day long, but my lips still
get flaky and dry and cracked. What can I do to fix this??"

Oh angry, dry lips!  Have you exfoliated them?  Using a sugar scrub with jojoba oil like Lush's Mint Julips or Sweet Lips will take the dead stuff off which is probably preventing any moisture from getting into the actual fresh new skin on your lips.  You can use a wash cloth as well, but I prefer to use something to take the skin off and moisturize at the same time.

Have beauty questions??  Send me an email and I will answer them by way of blog!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Winter Ready?

As we move into the cooler and then cold months are you ready?  Have you been preparing your skin for the arctic outside air and the dry heat of the furnace?  Have you prepared yourself with a heavier moisturized and maybe even a creamier cleanser so you don't get the winter, tight, dry skin?

Easy steps..

1.  Cleanse with a cream cleanser at least in the morning.  Let's face it, if you wash your face well at night, not much happens that you need to do an uber cleanse in the morning.  Be gentle with it.  Treat it with some care and tenderness.

2.  Serum, maybe you need a little extra moisture, perhaps a nice light serum under your moisturizer will do the trick.  I like serums that contain antioxidants like A, C and E.

3.  Moisturize.  Maybe a slightly heavier moisturizer for winter months will do the trick.  I am a fan of moisturizers that provide a bit of a barrier to protect my delicate fair skin from wind burn and over heating.  My current favourite for this job is Dr. Hauschka's Rose Day Cream.  It protects, calms, nourishes and heals.  A+++ stuff!

As much as I hate to recommend it, exfoliate, don't get all kitchen floor scrubby on your face but a nice, light exfoliant will do the trick and will help your skin better absorb and soak up all of the benefits of your moisturizer.

For the rest of your body...

Milk baths.  I really cannot suggest these enough.  You can use both fresh high fat milk or powdered milk.  Mix some into your bath with a little rose and myrrh essential oil and feel how silky smooth your skin is afterwards.  Follow up with a dollop of coconut oil rubbed into damp skin.  You will whisk through winter with no dry itchies and gloriously glowing skin.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We know I left but what did I learn?

As most of you know, I spent a week in North Hampton, Mass at the Dr. Hauschka Training Center.  It was a very inspiring week.  The instructors, the product, the environment, everything, was just a pure delight.  It was perhaps the healthiest environment I've experienced in a very long time.

The training was intense, and there was a ton of knowledge thrown our way in the week, but being able to come home and put the protocols and all of the knowledge into practice.  It flowed naturally.  Just really a gift to be given to my clients.

If you haven't had a Dr. Hauschka facial, give yourself this gift.  It truly is a gift, and it will reinforce that not all facials or skincare are created equal.