Monday, October 20, 2014

Cha- cha- Changes!

After a lot of thought and an opportunity that was rather fortuitous, I am leaving the spa and headed out on my own into private practice.  It's scary, but exciting.  As I get closer to opening day the butterflies are beginning to hatch and really fill my guts with flutters.

This practice is exactly where I've wanted to be since school.  I fought for my beliefs in school, and they were tossed aside and there was lots of eye rolling by both my classmates and my teacher.  

Holistic Aesthetics has been my passion from day one.  Getting back to raw materials and to treating the entire body has been what has kept me thriving.  So when on a whim I emailed another holistic aestheitician , and we met for coffee and hit it off I knew it was going to be a good connection, and it was.  In a flash, Shelley and I were making plans, and discussing scheduling and there it was, I was going to be working out of Renew Botanicals.  

So life has been a giant whirl wind of licensing, building the business, working on protocols, and just getting everything in order.  

So, if you need to see me....

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